Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the Wednesday surf report from out here at Playa Maderas.  Today we drove up to the beach hoping to score some fun waves and we did.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore winds and the water was still pretty chilly.  Check out the lineup!!!

A couple of local surfers were out taking advantage for a while because the water was too cold for them.  Here we have a pretty cool shot of “La Gaviota” Chamorro with a killer speed floater on this left.

This is our good friend Norwin “El Chulin” Estrella on a nice sizeable right.  He was catching plenty of good waves during the whole sesh.  Here he is waiting for the right moment to throw the lip off the back.

Our very own Carlitos Calientito decided to take a break today and headed out to the beach to score a few fun waves.  Here we have a cool shot of him from the hills with a cool turn.  He was having a good time out there until he got stunk by jellyfishes.

There were some incidents out there today but we took good care of them.  Check out these two guys on this pic, they didn’t want to hurt themselves, they were just practicing a new maneuver.  Do you think so?

A few guys took the fishboards out and were killing it on those things.  Here we have one of the few guys that were riding every kind of waves all over the place.  Good job buddy!!!

Rodolfo “Calibilly” Zapata was testing out his wings today.  He was trying to do some aerial maneuvers but sometimes they were very dangerous.  Here he is about to land on somebody’s board.  Watch out dude, you can hurt somebody!!!

The waves should be about the same tomorrow so be sure to check back with us and find out what will have for you.

Lucha out!!!