Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to the surf report for today. This is Jairo "Come Pan Panic" reporting from Remanso.  The waves are still pretty small, so it is a great time to learn how to surf.  It's knee high on sets and the wind is hard offshore and the water is a little chilly. Check it out

We want to welcome our friends from USA who decided to take their first surf lesson with us. They are having good time down here in Nicaragua and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Here we have Sally "La Machita" Mielroy commanding the lineup today. This girl is stoked today because she was wearing the NSR T'shirt and taking her first surf lesson with us. Here she is taking off on a good wave.

this is Kelly Robason he was having fun out there too. This guy learned how to stand up very fast and he made it out in the line up. Here he is riding a good one.

Here is Brook Sams, looking good today and having a blast out there today. Here she is showing us her skill on the longboard for the first time.

What about April Lee taking advantage of the small waves and having a good time out there with her friends?  Here she is trying to keep her balance on the longboard. Nice job girls you made it on NSR!!!

later on we had a basketball game and I took the camera out and got some good shots of the game like this one. Here is Carlos Caliente burying another 3 ball from the corner.  Carlos went for a double-double and helped propel "Los Rokkos" to an easy victory last night. We are supposed to start seeing a new swell in the water so please stay tuned with us tomorrow.