Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi there, here we have  Come Pan Panic and Lucha Libre with the Tuesday surf report.  Today Jairo took a boat up north with a couple of friends from the States.  They wanted to score some fun waves on their trip down here and they did.  It was running about chest to shoulder high with some sporadic head high waves on sets, the winds were offshore and the water was pretty chilly.  Check out this empty right with no one on it!!!

Justin “El Cocobolas” was taking plenty of fun waves out here at this spot.  He is super stoked to be down here in Nicaragua right now having a great time with all his friends.  Check him out styling on this left hander.

This little kid is from CR and he is down here with his mom, he was taking advantage of the surf conditions.  This kid is only ten years old and he loves to surf this wave every time he comes down because it has lots of power.  “That’s what he said”

Here we have a shot of Mateo “El Generoso” with a killer off the lip on this right.  The water was chilly but this guy was not worried about it because all he wanted to do was to surf and have fun.


Back in town Lucha Libre, D-lite and Carlitos Calientito drove down south to share a couple of surf lesson with some new students.   On the first shot of the lessons we have D-lite’s crew getting ready to paddle out and catch tons of great waves.

This is Richard the boss of the crew.  He took his family out to share this special moment with them.  This is the first time he goes out with a surfboard and he loved it.  Here he is with a solid stand up on this wave.


Carlitos Calientito did the best to teach these guys how to surf.  He explained every step very well and they understood everything as well.  Here we have a shot of the crew seconds away to make it out and have a couple of rides.

On the last shot of the day we have this beautiful chick showing us all she learned from Carlitos.  By the way, she was charging on every single wave.  The waves might be fun tomorrow so check back with us!!!