Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 11, 2023

Hey everyone welcome back to the surf report today was an amazing morning for a nice little surf sessions for lots of people out in the morning great time as well the tide was mid tide going down so some nice waves and maybe around a dozen of people out in the water having a geat time.

Decent size down at Pangas and like i said lots of fun always nice to go down to Pangas and practice your control on the waves and your turns

This guy was out there catching everyone he could and he just looked like he was having lots of fun.

Great turn from this guy out there!

Nice to see dock out there having a good time.

And like i said decent size and a great time to get out there when the sun is not too strong in the morning.

Anicca out there having fun in a class with John Springfield he is such a great teacher and you can see that by the way Anicca is taking that wave. Good job Anicca! Keep it up!

And John showing her how its done. He makes it look so easy out there.

Another one of the few people catching a lot of waves today. Alright that is all for today and i will see you next week don't forget to spread some love and some joy have a beautiful day :)