Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 11, 2022

Welcome back for the Friday Surf Report from us here on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua! We saw the arrival of some fresh swell yesterday and today was more of the same..

Carl out for the morning session and doing what he loves, Yeeewww yeah Carl Caliente!

Rick pulling in for some cover on this sunny morning session before getting back to the many awesome things he does out of the water, check out his smoked meats at Cowabunga between the gates in Iguana. They also have a gym and sauna and ice bath there so check it out!

Just a taste of what the daily surf report will look like come the season time.

On the other side of the beach we had a huge group surf lesson going on and the kids were stoked to get out in the water.

Yeah!! Sick ones ya'll!

First one in and last one out, this guy was getting waves and did not wanna get out of the water as he kept going back for more.

Camila was scoring a bunch of waves and if you are curious how she liked it, take a look at that smile!

This girl was over paddling herself into waves like a boss! Niice! Soon you'll be getting barreled on the big waves out the back.

Wow! Look at that peeler of a wave.. so excited for the swells that are surely coming this season.

Sarah always stoked to get out for a surf and you can see the stoke in that smile that lights up the room

This Chica was shredding over at the main break and showing the young girls the next level of progression in their surfing

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking out the surf report of the day! The swell period is dropping a little bit tomorrow but we should maintain the swell energy as a little more South swell fills in and fingers crossed the shorter period creates a bit more consistency in the surf and we don't have those long lulls that we saw with the longer swell period. Thanks for checking us out! We will be back with more tomorrow for your mind surfing pleasure :)