Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 12, 2022

Welcome back for another amazing day from the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua! Grab a friend put on your bikini or boardshorts and let the warm kiss of the Central American sun fall upon your skin. Life is good in Nica :)

Rick pulling in on a sweet little freight train wave this morning!

Dane is no stranger to this wave now after putting in some time at the spot, look at that steezy style making it look easy

Then smack the lip on a roundhouse cutty

Robin is back from France and ready to score some waves, today he was out on a borrowed board but didn't take him too long to get the feel for it.

Koji is stoked to be off from school for the weekend as he missed a bit of the swell Thursday and Friday but made up for it with like at least 20 fun ones this morning.

John G taking the LB out for a walk this morning

Elise yeeeew!! Yeah this Chica shreds! Longboard or Shortboard don't matter she gonna rip the waves on anything

Brett is always charging and stoked to be surfing these waves with his two awesome surfer sons Koji and Yuji

Speaking of those shredder kids here they are surfing this wave tandem, look at that big brother tongue out tease haha

Here goes big bro bro getting slotted on a beautiful wave this morning.

Another one!

Kev going Superman for this Super Bowl weekend.. who you got? Who Dey or LA..

Lesther tossing out a shaka while he keeps an eye on the waves. Big shoutout to the Beach Patrol for keeping us safe in the ocean and on the beach. Huge thank you to Megan and Nica Heart Beat who have put together an awesome volunteer crew of local watermen to ensure the safety of beachgoers here in Iguana. If you would like to donate to the Beach Patrol we have a donation jar at the NSR surf shop or just bring some snacks and drinks to the boys at the beach they will surely be super grateful. Okay amigos hasta manana, Super Bowl Sunday.. Who you got? Who Dey or LA..