Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 10, 2022

Look look we got some Colorado waves pumping through the lineup this morning as it appears she has awoken from her winter offseason nap. Come check it out!

Maria on her nice and fresh LadoB twin fin board looking to get some tube time.

Brett was out early catching the waves on this beautiful Thursday morning surf session.

The groms were getting in on the action too! Here's Mason on an inside peeler.. Yeah Bro!!

Grom at heart John G trimming the face on the LB and staying on that highline as he walks it like he talks it

Josee scoring some super fun waves before getting back to her awesome art if you have not seen it go to @joseestamour on IG and click that like button!

This morning was consistent and good and just a little sample of what is in store for us over the next handful of months.

Josh doing his pigdog on this quick moving tubo, and..

..flies out and macks the lip as buddy Dane watches from the lineup

Dane super deeeep as he does his best impression of @joshhavepigdog

Kevin with a speed bump between him and where he's going but something tells me it won't slow him down a bit lol

Extra frothy exits! Yeah buddy! Okay ya'll thank you for coming and checking out the report for the day, it looks like we will have some swell for the next few days so should be a lot of fun out there. Cruise back tomorrow and we'll have some more gems for you to mind surf. Peace out amigos