Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our friends at Surfari Charters are looking to fill a Chef Position for their 2015 season!  They are Nicaragua’s #1, All-Inclusive, Surfing and Fishing Lodge located in Playa Guasacate, Nicaragua.  The dates of Employment are: March 15-September 15, 2015


Description provided by Surfari Charters: We are looking for a good fit to the Surfari Team for the 2015 season.  The Chef will come in to lead a Nicaraguan kitchen staff that is already trained and in place.  As Surfari is not open to the public, there will be a set number of covers that the Chef and kitchen staff are responsible for daily, allowing for creativity with the menu.  At Surfari, we strive to offer nutritional and filling meals to our guests and family, all surfers, who burn calories rapidly.  


Requirements: A Good Attitude, The Ability to cook fresh seafood, a variety of meats and vegetables, Knowledge of nutrition to create healthy meals to fuel our guests and family, Knowledge of kitchen safety and cleanliness, Management experience, and Spanish language skills.


Benefits: Salary, Tips, Room and Board, Travel Stipend, Amazing Surf!


Please contact Surfari Charters directly for more information: [email protected]

Hello everybody. The waves in the morning were so good and nice. The offshore wind was light like four miles per hours and the water is so clean. In summary was so good, I can't take photo, so I went to surf during that time, but here is a bit sample how was. The set were constantly and double size of this one. Just imagine.

In the first few waves I can't recognize this girl, but she was ripping without leash and with one hat from "The Beet box cafe" from the North Shore Hawaii. So i thought it is a professional surfer.

After a couple of turns in this waves. Aura finished with this little cut in front of Matthew (El Generosito). How we say( Cuidado con mis kias) "Watch out my fins".

Here is my friend Goyo looking for the critical part of the lip in this wave. He is doing really good in that surfboard twin fins.

Matt it is using his father surfboard, looking how break and get into a trouble. He not just rip in shortboard, he can do in longboard too. Check it out.

Here is Matthew again in this little nugget. He was trying get this little barrel, he was cutting the wave until the inside section to give a form to this wave and get one of this one.

Aura it is our best surfer girl in this beach, she get in to a little nugget too. Putting her hand in to the wave for stop a little and can be cover for the lip in this wave.

Ok. mis amigos. I hope tomorrow the two combinations of swell give us a super fun waves. Be tuned to see how this waves work. Hasta pronto. Armando Lopez is out.