Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey boys, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick update from Playa Hermosa with the Quiksilver Pitayas Surf Contest.  The waves were super fun today, running about chest to head high on the bigger sets, the winds were nice offshore and the water was cold.

Tons of surfers from all over the world made it to the beach and they all had a blast.  We got the contest going with the open category at first point.  Darwin El Brujo Jacamo from Limon with a sick backside floater.

There were many sick waves rolling in all day long and the guys were ripping all over.  Augusto La Gaviota Chamorro with his signature move!

The boys were really having a good time out there, shredding on every wave they caught.  Jerson El Botetas Ramos is caught on this one with a nice frontside turn.

La Baloy Chamorro was battling all day over heats and heats and he successfully made it to the finals.  Check him out doing his thing on this little nugget.

El Mope Miranda was also showing us his skills in this contest.  He got one of the better combinations in the first round and he was working hard in the second round.  Cool floater on his backside!

A few surfers were not worried about the contest.  They were watching all the beautiful ladies we had up and down the beach.  Larry enjoying the view!!!

And a couple of other ones were taking advantage on the food.  Chicken, tajadas and salad sounds great when you are starving, doesn’t it?

The day kept going, the tide started pushing in and the waves were getting better every minute.  Check out the scene we had out front where the contest was on!

The waves were firing down the beach as well, and everyone that was not part of the contest was blessing every wave that came in. Woooooo, Can it get better than that?

Back in the contest, the guys were putting a nice show out there, showing their surfing skills.  Jackson Obando from Playa Gigante attacking this closed out section right in front of the cameras!

The longboarders were doing their thing as well.  Pedro El Cacaste Florez going big with a sick backside floater.

Norwin El Chulin Estrella wasn’t too lucky in the open category but he was killing it in the longboard’s.  Here he is caught charging on this nice sized set.

EL Botetas Ramos took the water housing out and we grabbed a couple of cool shots from him.  Eduardo La Belleza Pomares pig doggin’ on his backside!

As everyone knows, this category is always dominated by our good friend El Coraqge Herandez and we can see why on this pic.  Cross steppin’ on this peeler!

The day would not be complete without a nature shot.  Nice little baby turtle going out for first time in its life.  Good luck out there cutie!!!

This is something that nobody wants to see in the lineup but they were also part of the action.  They look pretty but they are not nice!

Getting close to the finals, the girls made it out and Dunia La Pinolera Burgos has her own show.  Here she is caught attacking this closed out section with a sweet vertical move.

La Bestia Calderon had a tough first heat but he kept working and made it to the finals  where he was blasting huge super mans, frontside and backside 360’s aerial maneuvers.

Quiksilver contest won by a Quiksilver rider.  Yes friends, Rex Calderon did it again and took first place home.  Dunia Burgos won the woman category and Jose Herandez did it in the longboard’s.  Congratulations guys!

There is not a better way to finish a good day.  Killer sunset in the last shot.  Peace!!!