Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 09, 2015

Hola amigos. Welcome to the surf report for the start of this new week. We woke up early to check the surf and we were stoked to find the lightest wind conditions in a very long time.  It was running a tad smaller but still knee to shoulder high on the sets and the water was super clear.  Check it out!!

Our good buddy Tom was on it early and getting some sweet ones.  The line up was pretty empty because a big pack of people that live in our development headed down to San Juan del Sur for what they call Fun Day Sunday.  It is a big party where you pay $10 dollars and they provide a shuttle service to five different hostals that have swimming pools and there are usually over 50 people involved.

We are going to post a couple of pics of some of the guys that might have been feeling a little rough around the edges this morning.  The first one is of Nacho, he almost always nails and finishes all of his turns but today his balance was a tad off.

This one is of Zach who opted to take the bigger board out to try to have some fun.  I think we all know the feeling he has right about now.

Once again we have Nacho with a attempt at a hack.  I'm sure you will have better luck tomorrow my friend.  You might want to skip the Sunday Fun Day in San Juan next week.

Now lets get back to some ripping.  This is a local from Rancho Santana that made it down our way today.  All of the people around here have named him "The Pro" and you can plainly see why, he was blasting airs all over the line up.  Sickie Mi Nica!!!

There were also some travelers out there ripping it up.  We didn't catch this guys name but he left a lasting impression for everyone here today.

Little man Josh was out as well today.  He had some great waves but we had to post this two shot sequence of him going for the elevator drop. A couple of the waves had some power.

Here's the final shot of the day.  We want to say the same thing to Josh as we will say to you,,,,,, ADIOS PUES!!!!!!!!!!  Please be sure to check back in tomorrow and see if the wind is starting a new trend.  This is D-Lite and Armando Lopez and we are out!!!!!!!!