Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 10, 2014

Hi there, today we went by Playa Maderas and this is what we found.  Small waves but still super fun for big pangas or to learn how to surf.  The winds were steady offshore and the water is way colder down here.  Check it out!!!

There were some makeable waves for shortboarders.  Holding the rail on the backhand!

Did I mention something about a good day for longboards?  Here is this guy shining off on style!

We had a great sunny day and the ladies were taking advantage on it.  Getting a nice tan, like canela!

We also had some chicks having a blast out there and getting some surf.  Way to go chica!

It doesn't matter how big the waves are, every surfer is always trying to get some shade.  How would you call this?

Driving up the coast tomorrow, hoping to find some bigger waves.  Peace!