Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's up ya'll! This is Carlitos el sexto (sixth) bandido here sharing news of some off season joy in Nicaragua. We have lucked into a couple of swells in the last week and if the forecasts are right there is more on tap. This one doesn't have the juice that last week's did but made up for it with shape. The waves were head high on sets, the winds are offshore (strong), the water is in the high 70's and there crowds were light.

Most of the waves were rights today, after getting a few under my belt I went back for the camera and found perch near the beach club to get this angle. Here we are looking past the patio of the new NSR Beach House where Chris Thacker and his friends are enjoying the surprise swell. If you look closely you can see this guy sitting in the pocket.

The wind was blowing, but not hard enough to keep this guy from highlining his way down the line on this little nug.

The new NSR Beach House is looking better than ever and ready for you and your crew. You really can't find a better set up for a surf trip than this. The calendar is open for 2011, drop us a line at [email protected] to book your dates.

There were plenty of empty ones going by.

We'll say adios for now with a look down the beach and hopes for more of the same tomorrow.

Lucha here reporting from down south.  The new swell showed out today but the winds were messing it up.  The waves were fun, running about chest to head high on sets, the winds were howling offshore and the water got a little bit colder.  Check it out!!!

Lots of people were out trying to ride some waves but it was really hard to find the good ones because the winds were pretty strong.  This is David racing down the line on a sweet right.

A couple locals made it out and they were ripping it up.  This is Augusto La Gaviota Chamorro with a cool backside floater on this little nugget.

El Mope Miranda paddled out on his own at Machete Pt and picked up some sweet ones on the rocks.  On this shot you can see the rocks sucking water on the right.

There were a couple of nice waves barreling and this guy found himself into this little section.  Who wants a cold barrel?  Just this guy from Canada!

The water was cold but the day was very sunny.  So it was kinda weird to see people trying to stay cool on the beach when the water is that cold.

Here we have this cool shot of Dave getting high on the wave to generate more speed.  What about the shadow on the wave, that’s kinda cool uh!

Later on Gerson “El Botetas” Ramos was shredding over Machete Pt.  Check him out going big with a sweet off the top.

On the last shot of the day we have this unknown surfer pig dogging on this beautiful left hander.  The swell is building through the next few days so please stay tuned with us.