Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 15, 2007

Hi and welcome to the Monday surf report. Today I got sick but I have to keep working, that's why you check this web (WE WORK EVERYDAY FOR YOU). We have a decent swell in the water today, It's running about head high to over head on sets and the wind is offshore. So, I took a boat with all the NSR crew and headed out at north.

Today we have a bunch of good shot. Here is Augusto


Here is Armando

Check out Luis

Or maybe superman. He was killing it.

Hooo, we have a chick charging with the beast today. That's Ashley

Was it that good?



Here is Luis again, taking another nice wave. This place was pumping, by the way It's not easy to get in.

Young Rex as always was ripping it up. Are you ready to win the upcoming contest?

La cubanita and my daughter were just watching the action from the beach.