Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey friends,we hope you are having a great day.  This is “Lucha and Come Pan” bringing you all the action from Playa Maderas.  Today we made it out this morning one more time to get some waves.  It was small but really fun to take the longboard out and make some stuff on it.  It was about waist high on sets with offshore winds and the water was nice.  Check out what happened this morning on the beach!!!

We had some classic surfers in the water today taking some long rides. Here we caught this unknown pale rider bottom turning and looking for the air section. This guy was so stoked to bring the right board to the beach and enjoy these fun little nuggets.

Today “Come Pan” decided to take the water camera out and get some close-up shots.  He has to stay in practice for when the waves get bigger later this year.  Here we have an interesting water shot of Gregorio “El Goyo” Pocoyo Mellollo Chocoyo with a nice scene in the background.  Judging from his expression, it looks like he's having a blast (or ate too much Gallo Pinto for breakfast!).

Here we have another longboarder taking off on this small but nice looking right. Even if the waves are small there is always something that you can ride at Playa Maderas.  Hey fella, what's your alibi?

Today we have a special shout out to Sammy from Germany. He decided to hire us to take some killer surf pics and make his surf trip a great moment to remember down here in Nicaragua.  We took a bunch of good pictures like this one. Here he is taking off on one of the bigger set waves of the day. He was super stoked to make his day a blast.  We are still trying to figure out where he learned to surf in Germany. 

“La Bestia” is the only surfer that can still rip on these little waves, and today he was doing his thing. Here he is throwing buckets on this little right.  Hey Rex, do you have a girlfriend yet?

Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro was able to paddle out and take part in the action today. Here we have a cool shot of him in the water with a nice front side off the lip.  This is actually a lot closer than it looks.  It seems that our man "Come Pan" has no qualms about putting himself in precarious situations.

We want to leave you with this sweet shot of the moon. Waves should be about the same for the next couple of days with a push coming after the weekend.  Please check back us tomorrow.