Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What is up big boys?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia with the Tuesday report from up north.  Today I got hired by a couple of nice guys from the States.  The waves were running about chest to head high on the bigger sets with nice offshore winds and the water was nice up here.  Check it out!!!

On the first action shot of the day we have Mason Bieber-Ham nabbing a sick peeler.  What a nice wave, uh!

Damian Gallagher about to pull into a nice section in the inside section.  Styling on his backside!

Matt Ramsay scored some of the better waves of the day.  Check him out holding the rail and enjoying the view on this little green room.

A few other guys were out,having a blast riding some sweet ones.  Here is caught this uknown rider catching a nice right hander.

The water is getting chillier and chillier littleby little and that means that the fish is getting closer to shore.  Get your fishing pool ready folks!

There were many small but cool waves rolling in and everybody out there was having a good time.  Squezzing into a nice little nugget.

Marc Foo took his huge panga out and he rode some nice form waves.  Hey Borrador, check our buddy out styling on his drop.

We changed locations and found Pancho Sanchez having fun by himself at first peak.  Hey Borrador, this is a little bit of what you missed today.

This girl was ripping all over this afternoon.  There she is going big with a cool off the top.

The boys and Marc heading back home to kill the eggs.  That is all for today folks, please check back tomorrow!