Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gotta love that late season swell!  This is Pancho here with your Sunday Surf Report.  Today we surfed almost alone for a couple of hours and caught a few fun ones.  We don't always have swell in December, but when we do, you can usually surf your own peak (if you know where to go).  Today we enjoyed some chest to head-high waves with light offshore winds and warm, clear waters.  How fun does this one look?  What else can you ask for?

For our first shot of the day, we have Daniel Snider.  Back home from college and enjoying the warm water.  Her he is, looking for a barrel.

Here's a cool shot of one of the Doan Bros. trying to pig into a small one.  It was 90% rights out there today.

Here's our new friend Jordan, who was surfing up the beach by himself for most of the morning.  Jordan has been scoring Nicaragua for the last month and is digging it here.  Here's a cool off-the-top shot by Miguel.

Normally I wouldn't put up photos of myself, but there just weren't that many people in the line-up today.  Here's a fun little backside barrel sequence that show's you how the waves were breaking today - small but still hollow.

Shot 2, dropping in and stalling.

Shot 3, it looks like it's going to pipe!

Shot 4, trying to slow down and get covered.

Shot 5, behind the curtain.

Shot 6, not super deep, but definitely in there.

Shot 7, popping out safely.

Shot 8, straightening out before the close-out section.  Oh yeah!

Wow, nice Horse!

OK, we'll leave you with this shot of Lindsey, pulling into this nice close-out!  Way to go for it Lindsey!  We are actually expecting a pretty nice swell this week - just in time for Christmas.  It should be pretty good starting about Wednesday or so, so check back with us!