Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey What's up? This is  an intern invasion! It's Chewy, Maria, and Devin, holdin' it down while everybody is taking a siesta. The waves were micro today running two feet but peeling all the way down the beach! The water is way warmer, and the jellyfish are way nicer, they came to say what's up and stung my foot. Check it out!

So me and Maria strolled to the beach today and saw the waves were small and tossed the longboards in the water. We tandem surfed while Lucha slept so we didn't get any cool pictures of it, but here is us practicing the party wave, Maria is trying to kill me with the board.

We took some surf puplis to the beach. Here is a melding of the minds, Oliver is legit the best and happiest Surf teacher in Nicaragua.

So today I was obviously ripping, as usual. Check this frontside barrel on a softop. Florida beware Chewy is returning with new barrel prowess.

Dude Maria is the truth! Her longboarding is straight insane!!!! If that girl isn't on the pro tour next year it is a beauty pagent! By the way Maria's sister Allie is the Fyyyynest, I'll be back in Florida on the 24th holler at your boy!

If you have tried other half rate surf schools and haven't seen results check us out!!! We are like the oxy clean of nicaraguan surf schools!(in an info-mercial voice!)

So Nicaragua Christmas is in full effect and we are about to make the sickest gingerbread house! Maria wants to send a big Merry Christmas to her family, especially her G-ma! The waves are gonna be kinda small tomorrow. I heard Devin(Dexter) is actually going to surf, it only happens once a year. Check back we are killing it! Chewy and North Florida out. Matteo Sucks!