Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This just in from our friends at Surfari Charters who just got back from competing in this year's 7 annual Toyota Cup by Flor De Cana fishing tournament in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Once again, the Surfari boys killed it - proving that a 22' panga can not only compete with a $5mm fishing boat - IT CAN DOMINATE!!!

Here's a shot of a TAGGED Marlin!

When your name is "Va Pue", size doesn't matter! Check out the panga parked with the big boys back at the dock. (It's the little red boat that looks like a dinghy near the end there.)

I'm always amazed how many fish can fit on this little boat! This LOAD of nice Dorados kept on coming out like clowns out of a Volkswagon.

For their efforsts, Surfari Charters took third place overall out of 28 boats in the 7th annual Toyota Cup sponsored by Flor de Caña. The second day of the tourney they had the highest overall score with two Sailfish and a Marlin release with tag! We finished third behind the Xta-Sea and the Rum Runner.

The biggest kicker is that if they had paid the extra $500 entry (they paid $500, but to be eligible for the Toyota Cup and the Toyota Yaris car, you had to pay another $500 for a total entry of $1000) they would have won the Toyota Cup, the entire tournament, and drove home a brand new car!!! Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, they kicked ass and still won $2,000, a case of Flor de Caña 18 year rum, a Blackberry, a Penn International rod and reel, and a big ass trophy!!!!! Not bad for a little panga!!

Congrats you guys! You crushed it again!

Hi guys this is “Lucha and Come Pan” bringing you the Tuesday surf report. Today we went to the beach to get some surf action, the waves were fun.   It was running about chest high on sets, with offshore wind and the water was so fresh and so clean clean. Sorry Mrs. Jackson.  I am for real.  Check it out.

We welcome back our own good buddy Gerardo “EL Mope” Miranda, that he was visiting his lovely girlfriend in Germany for a few months.  So now he is coming back to the action bottom turning on this nice left.

There were some folks catching a couple of good rides today .  This is Gregorio from Canada with a good back side speed on this right.

Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro was able to paddle out and take some waves as always.  Here we caught him with an amazing maneuver on this wave.

Also there were a couple of longboarders doing their best to have fun and grab some waves.  This is Randy from Florida taking off on this cool right.

The locals were excited to see our friend Gerardo on the beach, they decided to spend a few time with him out there and share some good waves.  Here we have Manuel “La Beyota” with a nice bottom turn on this nice left.

Later on NSR surf School had two new students.  They decided to learn how to surf with NSR Surf school and had a really good time with us.  From right to left we have Michel Hartman, our surf instructor D-lite and our last student Chistian Enbora.  As you can see in this group shot they are ready to get wet and catch a bunch of  waves.

These guys were so stoked to learn how to surf with the best Surf school down here.  Here we have Michel Hartman riding one of the many nice waves he caught today.

Christian was so happy to take for first time a longboard out and try to get some waves by himself in the line up.   Here is a shot of him making a nice ride on this one all the way in to the beach.  We hope you guys has enjoyed the surf lesson.  That’s all for today, please check back with us tomorrow.