Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hi everyone, welcome to the Wednesday surf report.  We are the NSR family bringing you the action from out here at Playa Maderas.  Today we had a wonderful beach day and the lineup was not crowded at all because we had some sizeable waves coming through.  It was head high to over head on sets, the wind was offshore and the water was super nice.

Our good friend D-lite was able to paddle out today before he went to get some work done at Mango Rosa.  He was super stoked that we finally got some swell in the water and he was catching a couple of fun ones.  Here he is bottom turning on a sweet right.

There were a couple of good lefts to be had as well.  This is Pancho Chamorro on a nice looking left.  He’s one of the few locals that were out today.

Gerardo “El Mope” Miranda was missing a lot his peaceful town so now he just got back and starts to have fun on the beach.  Here we have a shot of him getting into a sick shack on this wave.

Jessica “La Capitana” from Texas saw a couple rideable waves at Machete Pt so she paddled out and caught a few clean ones all the way in to the beach.  Check her out in the background dropping into a nice one.

Later on, we took Michael and Christian to the beach once again.  They were so stoked with the surf lesson that our very own D-lite taught to them yesterday afternoon so today they decided to take another surf lesson with the NSR Surf School.  This is Michael taking a killer ride on this wave.

On the last shot of the day we have Christian dropping into another good wave.  Alright folks, the waves should be fun tomorrow so check back with us.