Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hello big family, how are you!!!. I hope everybody is happy, hopefully surfing for a little bit today or just resting because is weekend. We know the waves will be with onshore, so people had party last night and the line up was almost empty. Here is how looks the waves during the low tide. Check it out.

Todd Gryzwana was the first man taking waves today. The waves were easy overhead and were breaking strong. Here he is checking if this wave gonna have a barrel, we need to see!!!.

Yeah!! he was making possible the idea of have fun even in this rude conditions. No were too many people surfing today. Probably because everybody have hangover or they don't want to break they board.

Oh Todd!! get out of that foam,,... Is low tide and the wave is so heavy. was hard to be in the right spot and was hard to come back to the line up!!!,..

Even the best surfer from this beach have some punishing today.. Hahahaha Lester, I was laughing so much when I see you wipeout..

This is why you need to be careful today. There are some heavy waves. No way you can duck dive in this bumps....

Josh was in the right testing the power of this tide. Good to paddle out josh, you are the man.

I believe the future Nicaragua surf champion is going to surf. That NSR sticker looks good in you brand new Shapeshifter surfboard Oscar...

And this is why we know you have the X factor and you represent very well our brand. You are one of our best card in our poker game.

Minutes later Todd is ready to charge another wave. This time he pick up a left. We need to see what he have to show us.

After a super fast drop he is putting all his weight in this bottom turn and is looking for a big turn. Check it out.

Bravo hombre!!!, Todd hit this wave without fear in one first intention, like Lionel Messi shooting a goal!!!!.

Hurry up Josh!! That wave gonna break you in two pieces if drop on you... Poor Josh,,..

Welcome Dj Zymkowitz Schwarzenegger to our land. He bring the onshore, why DJ?

And this is why he want to live here. He is addicted to this like us...

Ok. This is just a little of today action. The few surfers in the water were valient to be out there. We hope the waves are nice during the high tide to everybody can surf.See ya tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out...