Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Sunday afternoon everyone! Brian here, bringing the action to you today. Waves are on the small side today in the knee to waist high range with some plus sets occasionally, and super gusty offshore winds. Not too many people in the water this morning, so if you got out you were probably having fun because there was no crowd. Check it out!

Seemed like a ghost town here, now that Thanksgiving has passed and everyone went home. No one out but the seagulls.

There we go! There's a surfer, for a minute there I was starting think that no one was gonna paddle out. Not bad if you can find a barrel on a day like today.

Even though it was small, there were still some picturesque waves coming through.

The locals didn't seem to mind the wind, casting for hours to find tonight's dinner.

Found a nice little left working on the other end of the beach. Head high or knee high?

hhmmm...I'm gonna say knee high. At least he's got the right equipment.

That's it for today people, looks like the swell is on the fading trend until a little bump Wednesday, so if you have errands to run the next couple days are perfect to get them out of the way. Have a good day. Adios amigos!