Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 23, 2015

Hola amigos. Welcome to another week in our tropical beach. The waves are small, nice and friendly. Looks like all the week will be like that. So the longboards or fun boards could be the call. Check how is the beach today.

The beach have some tubes rolling in the line up and some beers and a pineapple ready for a cocktail in the pool. What do you prefer?

The nice speed of the offshore wind here is Eight to twelve knots per hours. today the wind was fourteen knots per hours. So was just a little more of the normal. We can see the effect of the wind in this cut.

The waves have good shape, but with the shortboard sometimes is hard to get the enough speed to finish the wave when the wind is stopping you. This surfer made a floater for end his wave. It's the end of November so we wait for the wind increasing a little more for the next days.

We surf everyday, but sometimes it is time to relax, take the sun, swimming or watch to other people surfing for learn or laugh of see the wipeouts. Today was one of that days.

This is what is doing one of the first surfer generation of Nicaragua Rocke Calderon. He is visiting this beach and having a good time. Life is too hard broooo!!!!.

Well, the line up was light. The people is watching the waves, going out to catch some one, come back and repeat.

The water is clear for diving. Here is one of the local divers with some good and fresh lovefther. He catch and sell straight to you. If you see him walking on the beach just call him and play with the price, it is different every day. Because is hard or easy everyday.

This surfer can tell you how clear is the water. He was in this wave with a barrel color emerald.

Why the best wave never have a rider?. But always have a surfer closer for pounding.

This right is the favorite for the ladies. Everyday we have some surfers riding this nice wave.

I always see this eagle to fishing. She or him eat good. Probably in her menu there are a fish three time per week. The eagle is gone and me too, so see you tomorrow in another surf report. Have a good day. Armando Lopez is out.