Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello good afternoon. A nice Sunday, A sunny day, the wind increase just a little bit and the waves keep working good. No too many people surfing in the morning, but is because the noon is better.

Some beginner, intermediate and good surfers were sharing this wave. In small days is the only break always work.

So peaky, easy to catch. The longboard was the surfboard for today.

The waves were more consistent today. This swell was giving more rights yesterday, but today the left were better.

The big set were for Mr. Thomas. He know this place really good. He surf here more than anybody.

Every set was for Thomas. He know exactly where sit down to wait for the best.

Mr. Snyder get the long left. Some overhead sets coming constantly. The crowd was busy.

Mr. jack was part of the people out. Always is good to see this guys surfing in Pangas Drop.

Moises is a good Dog. He is waiting for Mr. Thomas get out the water.

Just for you know we have the best motorbike in the area. You can have amazing experience, driving around here searching the best waves with your surfboard.

Ok. Have a good Sunday. We are waiting for the tide coming up to see what happen. The forecast is crazy right now. Now we just wake up and go check the waves and know what is the true. Be tuned. Armando Lopez is out.