Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Welcome to another beautiful day in Nicaragua. Brian here, bringing the report today. There's a lot to be thankful for here today, with fun surf coming through in the chest to head high range and steady offshore winds.  Check it out!

A little inconsistent this morning, but still some barrels to be had even with the higher tide earlier.  Big guy trying to squeeze into a little nugget here.

Couldn't ask for a more perfect day to spend this holiday, with sunshine, waves , friends, and family. This guy showing his thanks to mother nature pulling off a nice man-fan even with the gusty offshores.

The ladies were out in full force today, coming out of the woodwork.

Thank you mother nature! Football or barrels? Take your pick!

There were plenty of barrels to go around, this guy is about to experience Nicaragua's dirty barrel!

A few hollow closeouts to pull into as well....any takers?

Steffi was out in time to catch a few barrels before the day was over. Here she is working on her backside rail grab and trying out some new facial expressions.

I think the girls were ripping harder than the guys out there today. Steffi's friend Tia, out there putting the man-fan to shame with this power turn!

Sequence of the day goes to young ripper J.J. Kerson, pulling into numerous tubes out there today. I was lucky enough to catch him in this one. Yew! That's it for today folks, hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and save some turkey for me, be there before half-time! Adios amigos!