Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 22, 2010

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Hi folks, we are the NSR family bringing you the Monday surf report.  Today we went to one of our favorite spots to teach how to surf.  The surf conditions were really nice but it was raining a little bit during the morning and it got even stronger in the afternoon.  Check it out!!!

Our very good friend and one of our sick surf instructors got a couple waves before our new student paddle out.  Here is caught Oliver showing Jimmy how is done.

It was nice to see that we were really good protected by the Police.  Who wants to get a shoot?  We guess nobody!!!

Ladies man showed out to the beach, we do not know if he was looking for a new girl or if he was going to surf.  All we can tell is that he didn’t paddle out during the time we spent on the beach.

Good students always learn from a good instructor.  Check out Jimmy with a sick late drop on this left.  He had a blast out there and he’s ready for the next step.

Sometimes we like to share some art.  That’s a lot of ink beautiful chick.  I guess that hurted a lot, didn’t it?

Later on, we were getting some work done at the NSR Head Quarters in San Juan del Sur.  We were working on the roof, 10 meters up from the floor.  That was sketchy folks, but we did well.  Waves are supposed to be like this for the next few days, so stay tuned with us and see what happen.