Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre with the Thursday surf report from one of the most popular beaches in Nicaragua.  The waves picked up a little bit on sets today, running about knee to waist high and the wind was straight offshore.  We had a little bit of rain last night and we felt some rain pattern this afternoon as well.  Check it out!!!

The beach was a little bit packed, but everything went good because everybody was really mellow.  Here we have this shot of the scene we had on the beach.

A few ladies made it out to the lineup and were catching tons of fun waves.  This is Pia from Philippine working on this little nugget.

The waves were kind of small but they all had great form.  This is Mike from Fl picking up a nice left hander.  He made the right call, taking the big panga out.

Bunch of beginners jumped out in the water, and they all had a blast out there.  Watch out with the rocks my friend!

Did we mention that we have pretty long waves?  Check out this guy riding this beautiful left.  That would be a fun wave on a big board, don’t you think so?

We met a couple of beautiful ladies this afternoon from Holland.  This is Helene smiling for the camera.  Sorry lady, but I am already married!

The water was a little bit chilly but that didn’t stop the surfers to go out and catch some waves.  We have to mention that we have a few cowboys in the water, here we have one of them riding a nice one.  Hijaaaaaaaa!!!

We hope to have bigger waves tomorrow, so you stay tuned with us!