Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hey everyone, Brian here, bringing the report for this very windy Saturday. We had another day of pumping swell with waves in the chest to head high range and some sets coming in overhead with gusty offshore winds. This morning I had the opportunity to shoot a few guys in from Miami, who were all amped to surf here after warming up with the Hurricane Sandy swell that just hit Miami. Check it out!

Mark, from F1RST Surf Supply Co. , started off the show this morning with a nice cover up on this sweet left.  I guess all the tube riding in Miami help perfect his skills to navigate through these "Nica grinders".

There were a lot of sick waves coming in this morning, but you really had to be on your game if you wanted to get in em. Fortunately , Rick was on his game like white on rice, with his eyes on the prize.

We also had a lot of sick rights coming in this morning, a lot of people pulling in but not many making it out. This one looks makeable...I think.

Pulling into the barrel, James was representing Miami with his favorite NFL team on his shorts. Go Fins!

Where you at on this one Rick? It had your name all over it!

Rick was down the way working on his cutbacks, said he'll work on his tube riding manana.

We had some nasty wipeouts going on as well today. I think this guy waxed his board with butter!

The other wave that got away this morning.

Alright folks, that's it for today. Hopefully the winds start to calm down soon, or I'm gonna have to take up kite surfing.....nah. Hope you got in the water today, if not looks there's waves all week, so get on it! Hasta manana amigos.

A quick update for the first day of the contest down south at Playa Maderas.  The swell dropped but there were still some head high sets rolling in every now and then, the winds were solid offshore and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

The day got started with the Open division where La Bestia Calderon dominated during the first round.  Huge backside snap far down the beach!

La Gaviota Chamorro did his thing winning his heat as well.  Just blasting fins out for the crowd on the beach!

This is Felipe El Pipe Chompipe going big with a sick move on his backside.   This guy has improved his surfing level pretty well since the last time I saw him surfing.

There were a couple of cute girls around the contest, as always.  They were having a good time as you can see.

We had some racy ones to pull in to, but it wasn't easy to make it out of them.  Kevin from Gigante trying on this one!

Sean Pearson is one of the gringos that is participating in this event and he did well.  Actually he got the best score of the day.  Check him out ladies!

Juan La Gargola Carlos with a cool off the top on this little nugget.  He's ready to keep fighting for the crown tomorrow!

The contest kept going with the juniors division where El Chele Jackson put on his own show.  Here he is caught going big with a cool air maneuver and taking all the attention from the people on the beach.

Alright boys, that's all for today.  Please check back tomorrow and find out what happen in this event.