Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hello primos. What I can tell you about the waves, just check this wave with "A"frame and perfect barrel. The offshore wind is estable between 13 to 16 knots. Check it out.

The low tide was the call today. Here is the luxury north peak with some waves shoulder high.

Adam is one of our good friend of NSR. He come every year to visit us and score some of the best wave. He have a good day today with around four nice tubes.

Here is Adam going in some of the few left waves. He probably will come back more frequently, because in who other place in the world he can found waves like this everyday?

Here is Josh Springfield grabbing the rail of the board in this little hut. He is a master in back side style. The last month Josh made a big jump in his surf scale, charging all kind of waves.

This wave grow with a rude wall, suctioning the sand and making the wave a little sick. Check the drop and the barrel of this wave.

Mi primo Adan was on fire today. He was with all the crowd searching for the right wave and he found some of the best one. What you can say about this surf trip Adan?

Wow! All year have solid waves. Even November is working good so far and the next days probably have bigger waves.

Mauricio Targa (Turbo) was part of the crowd today. Here he is going with full gas in his twinfin surfboard.

Lester like always is riding one of the best waves in the morning. Check the sand bank, it is so good right now. I think this beach could holding the size of wherever swell to come right now.

Ok. Amigos. Every day Adan is hustling for a barrel and today he have a good pay in his check. We hope everybody have a good memories of the vacations in Nica Land, so has the desire to return. Armando Lopez is out.