Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 08, 2014

The best time to surf is the high tide. Forget you shortboard and take out your longboard is time to use your funboard. The waves keep kinda small and the wind is soft after twelve PM. Check it out.

This is what we talking about. This is one of the way you keep fun in the water and don't be stressing waiting the big sets.

Jhonny keep using his boat. It is the only time when you can use you stand up board, when the waves are like this.

Some others spot were empty. I don't understand why those surfers are so far from the point.

The report say the waves were keeping the same size. So if will be like this to the next days. Is fine because that is surfable. At last no is flat.

The young are the only one can stand up easy and rip a little bit. Chocoyo is only fifty kilogram weight.

Seth was in his sponge enjoying the Saturday. He take a lot of waves, is good we have different type of surfboard, the goal, is never get for long time out the water.

Yeah buddy. I want one sponge too.    : )

Karate. Or something like this. This man have lucky, he have good reflection to see the board coming to his face.

The ocean is calm, so is time to work and do whatever work we need to end, because went the waves come back, we will ready. Armando Lopez is out.