Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hello everybody! This is Hotstick Hannahs welcoming you to today's NSR report! The waves are fun and mellow so check it out.

It's another gorgeous November day in NICA Land. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the offshore breezes were blowing all day, and it's a little cooler outside.

Dustin from St. Augustine, Florida is back in town. They scored the weekend swell and still have been hitting hard while the surf is small and fun.

Jim made it down for their annual surf trip. Welcome back down guys and it's nice to meet y'all!!

To all our friends back in the States, go vote today!! If you think the left is better than the right, vote for Hilary. If the right looks more fun, vote for Trump. If you're undecided, meaning you're waiting for the next set wave, vote for Johnson or Stein.

And if you're in the States, enjoy the swell that everybody is getting! Both the east and west coast are enjoying some sick waves. Meanwhile, Dustin will rip apart what Nicaragua offers.

A lot of waves were hitting the sandbars well and a framing. Here is the left that should have been enjoyed.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The heaviest rains are over, the flora is green and lush, the offshores are back, and the water is beautiful.

In other local news, we celebrated Bob Schmidt's birthday yesterday. Happy belated 35th birthday Bob!! Yes, that's right, he picked off the one sneaky wave of the day while everybody was facing the other way........ PS: Thanks for the photo Tony Z!

Talking about sneaky guys, the Chosen Juan was enjoying today's morning session. He always surfs whether it's flat or the waves are good.

Harrrffff!!! Bro, I was watching this wave and already thinking about changing the score. I wanted to make it Pig Dog: 2 and Chosen Juan: 3 but you're going to have to show me some more!!

In all seriousness, I want to know what Dan is feeding his boys. It seems like his legendary pizza has a secret sauce that allows your surfing to exponentially improve each month. And the pizza fuel helps you surf for 6 hours every day.

In between classes, Katie has been logging her hours too. Keep holding it down for the muchachas!!

Ok damas and caballeros, thank you for checking out today's report. Even though the surf is small, we'll keep you excited and tuned it. Hasta en la manana amigos!!