Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the surf report for southern Nicaragua! This is Parker signing in to report on the morning's shots. Check them out primos!

Today was a pretty quite morning. The water was blue, there was zero wind, and a few waves crept through.

Joe Shields was one of the only morning chargers. If you see a longboarder with a friendly face and an epic stache, say hi to him.

If you're wondering, yes we survived Election Day in NICA Land. The consistent inside rollers like these help allieviate the emotion.

Mr. Trump, let us know if you want to diversify your real estate holdings. We'll make sure you get barreled too!!

The New Jersey boys in Cantamar tried to rally for the early morning session. Unfortunately, only Peter Slater (Kelly's long lost brother) rolled out of bed and into a couple frontsiders.

It was a slow mellow morning- so what did I do? Put the camera down and go surf until more people showed up!!

After a session, the tide filled in, the sun came out, and the colors came out (even more). Yes, it got even more beautiful...

Some guys were hanging out on the northern side of the wave. They were gobbling up plenty of insider rippable waves!

As for Joe, he was soaking it all in on his last day. Nice to meet you hombre and hopefully see you guys soon!

Ok damas and caballeros, we had a fun morning and we expect them to get even more fun as the weekend approaches. Stay tuned to see what develops in the next few days. Disfruta su tarde amigos!