Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 04, 2006

We've got Roberto with the surf report for today. We have pumping swell out here at Maderas today but It've been raining all day long. So, we could have got good shots but we didn't have good light. We have solid over head set and sometime double over head and the wind is offshore.

Here is Coki getting into a nice shack.

Codo was out too. Here he is on a set wave.

This is Kambute Aquaman, he has been surfing so good during this swell.

Here is Coki again taking another nice wave. What are you going to do tonight buddy? You can not drink any kind of alcohol drinks. You have to vote tomorrow morning my friend.

Mike El Pez Gordo was charging. Here he is going left.

Somebody is in big troubles. Check back tomorrow.