Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 04, 2005

It's another picture perfect day at the beach here in Nicaragua. Man, I love November. We've got super fun, head-high sets coming in, with clear skies and light, offshore winds. Here is Mr. Brown headed out to surf by himself.

When I say it today was "picture perfect", I'm not kidding. Check out how it looked throught the camera.

Mr. Brown, enjoying himself after a month of onshores.

Moving on to a more serious issue - Remember this picture of TG pissing on the lot marker?

Well, here's what it looks like now - AFTER a month and a half of torrential rains. Notice that the lot marker is a distant memory and in its place is an 8 foot drop off. This is only one example of how different the beaches and surf spots are right now.

Back to the surf again - the clouds came in and a few boats pulled up, but the waves were still pumping. (even if the water was freezing cold)

Luis was out today - check out this sequence. Shot 1.

Shot 2, pulling in.

Shot 3, the exit, just barely. Nice one Luis! I love to take pictures when the waves are good. More on tap for tomorrow, so check back.