Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 5th, Election Day in Nicaragua. We still don't know the results - but we do know that there was a strong turnout at the polls (over 75,000 locations nation-wide) and all the candidates are claiming strong support. The first results should come in around Midnight, so we'll try to send out an update as soon as we know something. Here's an afternoon shot, from a ballot station in Tola - it was jam packed all day long.

Well, there's nothing we can do about the election - so we decided the day would be best spent in the water. Man, what a good call that was. We've still got solid overhead swell, crystal clear water and offshore winds. This is Mr. Brown on the wave of the day. Use your imagination.

The gravity of the day was lost for a moment - actually it was more like about 4 hours - while we traded waves between friends. This is Pancho, going left.

Popping into town for what looks to be the last swell of the season - this is Jantana charging one of the set waves. 50 years old and still going strong. Good stuff Jan!

Hot Carl was getting in on the action too. He shot photos (most of the best ones) for about an hour in the morning. Fortunately, we were able to catch him on this one to return the favor.

Remember Mr. Brown's "wave of the day", this is it again - about 6 shots later. We've got an 18 shot sequence of this one, the last 5 or 6 you can't even see him because he's so deep in the barrel. Imagine this is you - by yourself on some deserted island... You the man Mr. Brown!

Here's Pancho, dragging ass and doing everything he can to set up for the backside barrel. Does it get any prettier than this?

Further inside, Pancho shows off for the camera (and then gets pitched over the falls, but not before we got this shot of his tongue).

Mr. Brown had the best wave of the day, but he also had the worst. This was his very first wave which resulted in a broken board. You can't say my man does't go for it though.

We've got a lot more great shots but I think you get the idea. Keep the fingers crossed for the run-off but remember, no matter who wins, we'll still have waves like this in Nicaragua. Do these guys look surfed out or what? Catch you later.