Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 03, 2006

Pancho here, reporting from the NSR Beach House again. What can we say, another day of PUMPING surf and nobody out. We did manage to grab a few shots before and during the infrequent water breaks of the marathon 6 hour session (hard to get out on days like this). This is Mr. Brown, always the first one out.

Building swell and offshore winds - we've got a couple of sequence shots for you today. This is Surfari Jeffery, layin' down the frontside gaff. Shot 1.

Jeffery, Shot 2, throwin' his weight around. It hurts my knees just looking at it.

The next sequence of your's truly is getting filed under the "itwasgonnabesick!" category. Shot 1.

Shot 2 - Coming hard off the bottom and setting up for the...

Shot 3...head drag in the lip to over-the-falls-on-my-back manuever. Itwasgonnabesick! Roberto, we could have used you out here today man!

Today we headed out to one of our favorites spot but It wasn't working too well. It's over head on sets and the wind is offshore. Carlos Caliente, Codo and El Monito were so exited when they saw this one coming through. Check it out.

Here is Carlos Caliente with the bottom turn. He just got back in town, so he joined us. Just in time buddy.

Check out El Monito with a nice shot. That's a cool background.

Carlos, Codo and Oliver were surfing by themself for 4 hours but they didn't have too many waves to share. So, this is exactly what happened.

Carlos Caliente cutting back. Hey, I hear you have good memories surfing this wave.

More waves on tap for tomorrow.