Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for the Saturday surf report.  As forecasted we are seeing an increase in the swell.  It was running waist to chest high with some occasional overhead sets.  We could not ask for better conditions.  The winds were offshore all day and the weather was beautiful.

For the first surf shot of the day we have Pedro “La Chinbomba” Florez throwing some serious chunks on this inside left.  He was on fire today.

Here is Lester “El Coyotito Solis with this sweet left.  The local guys owned the line up this afternoon, but there were plenty of waves for all to be had.

Here is a shot of Mariel cruising down the line.  As you can see right before dark it got super glassy.

Our good friend Mark “El Ganzo” was the lone soldier over at Machete Point this evening and it paid off big time for him.  He was catching some really good lefts and taking them all the way to the beach.

Here is one of the bigger waves of the day.  The boat you see in the background came from South Africa and the guys on it told us that they are going all the way to Indonesia. Can you imagine how many good waves they are going to score?  We here at NSR wish you a safe journey.

We want to leave you with this beautiful shot of the sunset.  The swell is supposed to pick up a little bit tomorrow so we expect to have some great surf shots for you.  Make sure to check us out.