Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 01, 2007

More of the same down here in Nicaragua, today we didn't make it out to Maderas. Here is a shot of the bay to let you know that it doesn't pay off to get to Maderas, it's waist high on sets and the wind is ONSHORE.

Young Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was the only surfer out there today. That's why he is one of the best one down here, he's always in the water no matter about conditions!!!

All right guy we don't have so much surf today but we have some shots to post from lastnight. The Halloween party, you are going to get,,,,,,.

We really got creative wearing some customs like these one, here we have "El Padrecito Amaro, Rambo and El Longe Moco" enjoying the party and getting ready for dinner.

Armando "El Codo" Lopez was the "Canival" in the party. Here he is showing us why, be carful Codo you can get sick eating so much meat.

This guy had a big chalenge with Codo, who's eating the biggest piece of the "Pelivuey". By the way, this "Lucha Libre" winning the chalenge!!!

After dinner the whole crew got ready to make it out to the local bars. Maybe , you might call them the mounster family!!!

Here we go guys, itisgoingtobesick i mean itisgoingtobescared!!! That's Codo ridding the 4x4 NSR Rastafari.

This is what you do to make it on NSR, these guys wore woman dresses just to made it on. Comgrats guy, you are famous now but you have to be carful because there are a couple of drunk guys who are looking for a couple of sexy girls like you!!!

This was just before the Halloween party. Here is a second shot of the huge jump from yesterday, to be continue!!!

Here we are getting back to the NSR house after a long night out. Please check back tomorrow.