Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 29, 2021

Trick or Treat? Welcome back to the Surf report for this Friday before the spook fest that is Halloween, and if you wake up early today you got greeted with some treats from the ocean as we had some super clean and fun conditions this morning.

The waves were super glassy this morning and the waves were coming through very consistently without the long lulls that can happen sometimes.

There were only 6-12 people out this morning depending on what time you showed up to surf it was just a handful of people in the lineup out there with you, Big Scott enjoying his A.M. session!

Robin out there enjoying his second home here in Nicaragua as he reaches to touch the wave behind him on the roundhouse cutback.

Lucas on time for his regularly scheduled morning surf session before getting to work.

Tony Z shredding the gnar this morning, you may have noticed that was him on the opening shot too about to pull into the rare barrel this morning.

Did you get out this morning? Wherever you are and whatever you're doing while you're reading this I hope you had a chance to load up on the stoke this morning.

Julio can usually be seen at the surf shop as he is the NSR shop manager but this morning he came a bit early to get in on some of the wave action before work.

He was out there scoring some fun ones, what a great way to start the day. Some people have a tough time waking up to go to work, when you get to do this before work it makes waking up that much easier.

Nacho got to the party a little bit late as I was getting ready to wrap up but he quickly caught some waves and got to enjoy some water time before this wind goes onshore.. or we may get lucky and the wind will stay off or calm like it usually does.

Okay ya'll thank you for checking out the surf report today! Always a pleasure to bring you a taste of the action that we are having down here in Nica-Land. Hope you get your chance to come down and join us soon! Until then take it easy, have a great day.. we'll be back to give you some more tomorrow. Peace