Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 29, 2020

Surf Check!! Hey everybody welcome back for another trip to the beach here in Nicaragua for the daily surf report. The boys were checking the surf after the morning round of golf and liked what they saw.

This was down at Panga from out the back the longboard takes off and cruises the wave with style.

This is what it looked like in the morning so I think the morning golf was the right call and the afternoon surf looked fun.

Down the beach a bit there was a surf lesson going down and the shredders were popping up with ease!

Here goes the first grom girl and she makes it look easy. Yeah!!

Going back out just in time to cheer on her sister, look at the stoke that is so awesome!

Back up the beach Robert had paddled out and was catching all kinds of waves.

Robert digging that rail in and hitting that cutback.

More surfers like Jaime here were headed out but the sun is hot and I gotta find some shade! Ya'll have a good day thanks for cruising by.

Here's one more shot for the parting shot a sweet view into Nica life.