Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 27, 2014

Hola everyone it's looking pretty fun this morning with a bit of texture on it. The wind was blowing a bit side-shore not affecting it too much. Only a few guys on it, but plenty of waves coming through. 

The barrels weren't easy to make today, but this guy made it happen.

Snagging a bit of tube time with that full arm drag.

Ok now you can count it, he's definitely in there.

And just squeezing out as it pinches on him

The north direction of this recent swell is making the rights a little more available.

This one came in over in no man's land, but what a gem. Too bad no one was in the right spot.

A few ramps out there today letting the rippahs practice their air game.

No grab backside punt, nice work.

He had a chance to pull this one, but he came down a bit off-center.

This is the same surfer taking it vertical on his back-hand. The few guys that were out seemed to know what they were doing.

Looks like word got out the surf came up. A few visitors made the hike from Gigante.

It's officially an air-show.

I see a lot of boosting but not a lot of landing. Makes for good shots at least.

Lay-back tube? Someone did their yoga this morning.

The sets were coming through with a bit more size, but not quite staying open like we like.

A lot of families visiting this time of year. Kodak moments like this happening all over the place. On that note, it's time for this guy to put down the camera and pick up a shredstick. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. Theo saying adios.