Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hey what's up everyone? Finally, the offshore winds have returned and so have the crowds! Fun surf out there today with waves in the chest to head high range and light offshore winds. Seemed like everyone made it out in the water today, and I don't blame them after all the onshore and rains we've had. So here it is, check out the action from today!

I was feeling antsy to surf with the sight of good waves and sunshine, after not surfing for almost two weeks. Duty calls first, gotta get the shots. Mindsurfing along with you guys on this one.

Seth, back in the water again, after taking a few weeks off in the states, finding himself back in his comfort zone.

Local "gringo" crew from Rancho made it over to catch a few waves. Roy aka "Bertyls" sliding into sweet right.

Dave was out there as well working on his backside skills with a meaty left. Does that make you want to surf or what?

A few ladies made it out today as well, Lindsey here ripping out there on a sweet right!

Fun peaks coming in up and down the beach today, with light winds and sunshine. Another day of paradise in October. Doesn't rain everyday...

That's it for today amigos, hope you made it in the water today, if not , there's still a few hours left in the day. Check back with us tomorrow, should be another fun day of surf. Hasta manana amigos!