Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 16, 2010

The surf has been super fun lately, and the crowd has been super light.  Waves were running about chest to head high on sets with sweet offshore winds all day long.  Check it out!!!

A few locals made it out today and were catching some of the better ones.  This is El Frijolito trying to pull into this left on his backside.

As known Machete has been real fun an the local gringos have been scoring many sweet ones out there.  Here is Dave throwing some buckets right in front of the rocks.

The local kids know how to rips too.  Here is caught Geiner "El Tinquito" Granado busting a cool frontside air.

We haven't seen many ladies in the lineup lately, I guess it is 'cause the season.  Any way, here is the only girl we saw today just seconds from fun.

The last time we saw this guy trying to ride the bull by its horns, he hit the ground pretty bad.  Today he dropped into a couple fun ones and here we want to share one of them.  Come on, Cowboy you gotta ride it all the way in to the beach.

Since the lineup have been so empty, we have many fun waves rolling in with no takers.  How about these two?

It rained a little bit last nght, so the roads were a little wet.  Nicolas wanted to get wet catching some nice form waves at Machete Pt this morning.  No worried about the rocks!

Another sweet empty wave, as the last shot of the day.  Please check back tomorrow.