Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Hello everybody, was a good day to chill out in the bar in front the beach. I was drinking a super cold Toña and watching waves and I can't believe only a person was sit down outside. There are peaks breaking everywhere and the wind conditions, Huuu glazing, perfect for take out the super fish 6'2" and go rip waves.

The full moon made possible one of the biggest high tide of the year. Don't come with a big swell but come with nice weather for just playing with a fun board shape.

This is the size of the sets. Sets are coming constantly every five minutes and the tide, it's keeping high for around three hours.

Someone almost lose a dog. I think today was one of the most dangerous days of his life.

This is the only surfer in the water. The waves were only for him. How many days we have like that?

Looks like the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua with waves and no reef. This could be a dream for a beginner longboarder.

I think I never saw a day with too easy conditions. Last night we were checking it was possible surf in the night, but was too cloudy. So may be tonight!!!!

If not is a good day to go Gigante to enjoy the nightlife. Today is a open mic in the bar "Camino del Gigante".

This surfer was in the water for a hour and get out. I hope he won't leave because feel alone.

Ok. mis amigos. I think tomorrow (El Toro) will try to surf for first time, we want to have one dog in the Team of locals and this Pitbull is ready for big waves. I was thinking in my cat but he won't like. Have a good day.