Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 03, 2008

Hey guys, welcome to another surf report with us here at NSR.  The rain hasn’t let up much in the last few weeks and the waves haven’t been very good, but today they were bigger than yesterday.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets, the wind was onshore and the water was very dirty.  Check it out.

Here is a prime example of how desperate everyone is for waves.  This one came to a little push and shove.  We were hoping that there would not be a fight between these two guys.  Luckily they were friends and the situation did not escalate any further.

San Juan Del Sur is hosting a party tonight and Flor De Cana is the sponsor. They are throwing a block party and giving away free rum and other goods to anyone that is willing to come out and join in the celebration.   Things like this always bring out a large crowd.

Today Roberto “Lucha Libre” brought his Playstation over to the NSR house so the boys could have a little friendly competition.  Needless to say since it was his, he had no problem taking us all out.   But a good time was had by everyone

We have planned a special event for tomorrow.  There is going to be a BBQ at The Happy House and included in the festivities will be a Table Soccer Tournament.  As you can see in this shot everyone is getting some practice in for the big showdown.

This is the last shot of the day of a guy tearing the top off of this little right.  Please join us again tomorrow for hopefully a great day of waves.