Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hey guys this is Jairo “Come Pan” with Thursday surf report showing you what happened during the day?  Today we went to the bay to get some surf shots, but the waves were the same size running about waist to shoulder high on sets, the wind was onshore and it has been raining all day.   Check it out.

People around the town heard about” Codo “Mountain surfing the other day and they were asking us if we can take them so they could see what it is like.  This is one of the guys we took with us and here is his first try.

Here we have “Codo” and Eric tandem surfing trying to avoid the small rocks that were hidden underneath the grass.  You can see that Eric is having the ride of his life.  We recommend that anyone who comes down here and the waves are bad that you give this a try.  It’s really fun.

These are a few of the many wipe outs that we witnessed today.  For number one we have Codo Lopez, number two is a couple of girls that went with us that are from Holland, number three is our very own “Lucha Libre” giving it a try and for the last one we have Edwin “El Tuzo” Morales.

Codo is showing us what might happen to your surfboard if you use it for mountain surfing.  We are thinking of making our own boards out of wood so they will hold up better.

Last night we wanted to check out and take some photos of Happy Hour at Pelican Eyes that happens every Wednesday and Friday nights. We usually have a pretty good crowd that shows up.  Here is a group that is staying at the local hostile enjoying the two for one drink special.

We noticed that there was a local celebrity having dinner at the restaurant near the bar.  His name is Dennis Martinez and he was a Major League Baseball player.  It is nice to see him hanging out here in San Juan Del Sur.

 A couple of guys were planning to hire Roberto earlier this week for photography but the conditions were not very good so they decided against it, but they  wanted to make the drive down  from Rancho Santana and meet the NSR crew.  Maybe next time you guys come down the conditions will be much better.  It was a pleasure meeting both of you.

This is the last shot of the day and we wanted to show you how much rain we have had lately.  In this picture you can see how high the river is right now.   Please check back tomorrow.