Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hi everybody, we are Lucha Libre and D-lite with the Saturday surf report.  Today we woke up early and checked the wind out at the bay and it was straight offshore.  El Burro is at the mechanics shop right now so we were worried because we wanted to make it to the beach but we didn’t have a ride, so we put the racks on “El Burrito” and headed out to Maderas hoping to score some waves.  We made it through the river after about 10 minutes of trying to figure out where the shallow spots were.  This is what we saw when we pulled up to the beach.

There were not many people out because it’s very hard to make it to the surf spots because of the condition of the roads.  There was only a crew from Santa Barbara, Cal getting waves all over the place by themselves and 2 other girls.  Check out this guy taking what could be the wave of his trip.

Jessica was stoked to be in the right spot to catch this one all the way to the beach.  It didn’t look very easy to paddle out on a big panga because there were some overhead set waves coming through but she did it.

D-lite was so excited to be at Maderas again with so many good waves and no crowd.  He was in a hurry trying to get his board ready and get some surf but as soon as he paddled out the wind turned onshore again.  What a shame my friend, at least you got wet!!!

A couple of mini bumps came through but nobody was in the right spot to get them.  This girl on the spongy was sitting and waiting for a good wave but she did not want one like this.  She pulled back because it looked like it was a long way down.  I think she made the right call.

We want to share this photo of D-lite and “El Burrito” because he was so proud that it made it there and back.  There were a couple of close calls.  Please check back tomorrow.