Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good afternoon. Early morning the offshore wind was soft and the low tide have this kind of small waves with barrels really opened. Check it out.

That kind of barrel are faster and for that reason are fun because give to you a good satisfaction when you get out. Check this one. The level of the water here is only a  1 foot shallow.

Everyday the ocean give us, our favorite type of waves. Today the boogie boarders have nice waves for them.

Wipeouts always are fun. I always laughing about my, I thing, I have the biggest wipeout this year. Check this one ( The electric chair ).

Surf is about lucky, Patient and experience of the surfer. This surfer used all and get this nice left.

This is one of the best wave today. The swell is consistent, every 10 minutes we have 3 waves breaking really good.

This surfer is good in the barrels and making cuts. Is a ripper.

Some waves overhead, think how you can surf this kind of wave. You can try an air or a big snap in the lip of the wave. Here is carlitos take impulse for slap the wave.

This peak was working excellently. Watch the left and right, all morning was the same.

Our friend lost this wave for drop a bit late. You can hear his expression say. Nooooo where you going, wait. Oooo no I lost the tube.

Lenin getting a little shack. Low tide give nice rights, if the wind don't change the afternoon will be the call.

Ok. Today was a really beautiful morning, The rain refresh the land and make this place a jungle, nice place to live. See you again tomorrow in other report. Armando Lopez is out.