Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 23, 2012

Buenas tardes everyone! Brian here again bring the report for this lazy Sunday afternoon. We actually had some fun and consistent waves coming in today in the chest to shoulder high range! The winds were nice and light offshore making for some really fun conditions and the crowd was pretty mellow. The water has been super clear lately, surprisingly even with all the rain, and with the sun in and out the water was beautiful! Check it out!

The sun was shining pretty bright today and glaring right off the waves, this guys was either wearing shades or has some visors on his eyelids, throwing a sick bucket!

Just when your trying to hide out in the shade of the barrel, the sun goes away, and the clouds come out. Oh, well, I can think of worse places to hide out.

Before you know it, you're back out there on another sweet left and the sun is shining again. Does that look like paradise or what?

Found the "Zack attack" , out there on his last day make good use of his last hours in Nicaragua. No other place i'd rather be too amigo! Come back again soon boys!

"Pancho Sanchez" , was out there as well, taking advantage of the fun conditions and low crowds. Hanging out on the foamball, about to get covered up on sweet little right, yew!

We definitely had some sick waves going unridden today...where's everybody at?

There were a few ladies out there surfing today also. Here's Auda, getting low trying to hold up in a nice little right.

One of the many crystal clear drainers coming through today.....yes please!

Auda, on another one, sticking a sweet floater section. Girls ripping out there today! Well, that's it's for today folks, be sure to check back tomorrow, gonna be another day in paradise here in Nicaragua. Adios amigos!