Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 23, 2011

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report.  This is Lucha Libre with a quick update for today.  The waves were small but kinda fun and the winds were nice offshore all day long.  Check it out!!!

The lineup wasn’t busy at all, we only had about seven or eight guys out in the lineup.  Check out this man dropping into a nice left hander.

Lindsey made it out and picked up some fun ones.  Here she is caught riding a cool right hander.

A few guys from San Juan del Sur made it up north and some of them were ripping it up.  This is Gainer “El Tapitas” Granados with a cool move on his backside.

The waves were not big today but they had great form.   A sweet right hander being riding by this unknown folk on his backside.

The last surfing shot of the day goes to this identify pal making a nice bottom turn on this nice looking left. 

Later on, we headed over to Rancho Santana to celebrate Safari's 3rd birthday.  Here she is, trying to knock the head off this Dora pinata so all the candy will fall out.

It's mayhem when the candy does finally come out.  All the kids rush the floor and grab as much as they can.  Safari is still getting the hang of it.  (notice the hanging Dora with her leg missing)

Happy Birthday Safari!  We love you.