Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi and welcome everyone to the Wednesday surf report.  We are your favorite reporters bringing you all the action from somewhere in the pacific coast.  Today we went back up north, expecting to score some sick barrels like yesterday.  Unfortunately the swell drop down a lot but there were still some fun waves to be had.  It was head high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

We had many waves barreling all over the place but it was not easy to catch them.  Here we have Ryan getting shacked on a nice right.

Keith Malloy was chilling around, riding one of his favorite boards.  Check out that thing is made of wood, with no fins and no leash.

Did that one come out good buddy?  That was a sick one!!!

Peter Mendia was destroying some waves.  Here he is showing us how is done.  Sweet vertical move, uh!!!

Our very own D-lite was getting some sick barrels today.  He was so stoked to score some waves during this swell, right before he has to get back to the States

There were quite a few guys from Brazil getting into some sick barrels.  This is Guillermo working on his backside style with the barrel of the day.  Check out this sick sequence, shot 1.

Shot 2, dropping in!

Shot 3, bottom turning!

Shot 4, setting up for the barrel!

Shot 5, looking good man!

Shot 6, itisgoingtobesickkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

Shot 7, still going!

Shot 8, even deeper!

Shot 9, looking for the door!

Shot 10, clean and safe.  That was sick man!

A few friends from Popoyo joining us today, and were catching plenty of good ones.  This is Jasco “El Cheff” about to get deep on this one.

This is Tonny from Cal attacking the lip of this poor wave.  Hey Tony, we got some killer shot of you, so send us an email and we’ll get back to you with some keepers.

Here we have Chris looking down the line on this beautiful left.  You guys scored some good ones, uh!

Mr. Brown was doing the best to get some sick ones today but it was not easy.  Check him out trying to make it through this heavy section.

The waves are supposed to be smaller tomorrow but it should be still pretty fun to paddle out.  We want to leave you guys with a cool pic of “El Gusanito” riding one of the many sweet barrels he had today.